Lo Perdí Todo!

Saludos Viajeros!

Aquí estamos de nuevo.

Para los que no sabían, perdí todo mi contenido de este blog, después de 2 años de haberlo iniciado, pero que no cunda el pánico! Esta cuarentena me tiene mas entregado que nunca y en vez de ponerme a llorar, me voy a poner a trabajar el doble para ponerlo al día, y mejor que nunca! Del cielo me cayeron limones, pues vamos a hacer limonada. Esto va a ser un blog con muchas herramientas e iniciativas para la comunidad viajera…se los garantizo!

To those that didn’t know, I lost all my previous content in this blog, which I started 2 years ago. Since the quarantine got me all devoted to my instagram and blog, I will work the double to get this blog on float again.

What’s new?

  • Same as everybody, I’m stuck at home, and not able to travel. It’s April 22, 2020. Not sure when the world will reopen, so as now, I’m just home working on different things and trying to be more productive than ever.
  • Instagram is already on the 20k followers, and although I know not all of the 20k actually “follow me”, I guess I can still call it an accomplishment. I’m definetly interacting with more people than before.
  • Having said that, I will start treating Instagram somehow more “serious”. When I made my account in 2014 I only saw is as a photo travel gallery, where I would post the best of my pictures. Today, seeing how my traveling experiences inspire others to travel the way I do it, I want to immerse more in this community, posting, more than pictures, valuable content.
  • I believe I’m loosing the fear of actually talking in front of a camera. With that, I’m loosing many fears, and that’s good. I will be talking about those fears on my stories on IG, and maybe in a post on this blog. Basically, I’m learning how to be MYSELF without fears, and that could lead me to start making better videos for youtube and my stories.
  • Although I always tried keeping my personal life out of Instagram, I’m starting to open up about few things. I understand that since I will be interacting more with members on the travel community, it is fair for them to know who I am, and what brought me to be the person I am today.
  • Spanish. Spanish will be the main language I will be writing my post on. I had to realize I would never write my thoughts the way I should if I don’t do it in Spanish. Spanish is my native language, and the fact that I am interacting more with Puerto Ricans and Latinos nowadays, I believe it’s fear to them to clearly be able to understand what I write. Still, if I have time, I will be translating to English. (I’m actually writing this in English now, so I might have to translate it to Spanish), but don’t forget there is a translation option in the top of the page.

Entre las Publicaciones que se perdieron, estaban:

  • Introducing Puerto Rico: 8 Things You Should Know
  • My Life as a Couchsurfer
  • Carnival in Rio: The Best in the World
  • Learning form my mistakes: The NOT to do list
  • Dia de los Muertos in Mexico
  • Vieques Island: From Dangerous and “Ugly” to a Magical Tropical Paradise
  • The Seven Wonders of the New World, One by One
  • Cuba: All you need to know
  • Cuzco: Mucho mas que Machu Picchu
  • Jamaica: From the coast to the countryside
  • Hurricane Maria: The devastation of a paradise
  • How Traveling became my passion

Espero que al final este blog sea util para todos ustedes. Que me vean como, mas que un bloggero, como un amigo viajero, en el que pueden contar para cualquier consejo viajero que necesiten.

Cualquier consejo o sugerencia que tengan para mi, siéntanse libre de contactarme. Mi email es travelcarlitosway@gmail.com

Buenas Vibras Siempre!

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